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Sarah's journey is about Tazkiyah...

Tazkiyah is the process of becoming stronger by removing ‘impurities’ and by adding ‘sweeteners’.

It’s not just about how many times you say subhanAllah or Alhamdu-liah, though – of course – that is important.

But acting out subhanAllah, and not just saying it, is also important.

The prophet Mohamad, Peace be upon him, teaches us how to do this without needing to retreat from reality. After all, what’s the point of strength if it’s only there when you don’t need it?!

The prophet Mohamad, Peace be upon him, said that a strong Muslim is more beloved to Allah Subhanah wa Ta’ala than a weak one and that in both there is good. (Muslim)

If we look at the most beloved of creation, Prophet Mohamad, peace be upon him – what feats of strength did he show?

Firstly, we notice that the strengths that He (pbuh) shows are not constrained to just acts of worship.

Before giving details of the actual lessons to be taught and the lessons to be derived.

First. We have to talk about something else that I hinted at earlier.

Knowledge is not power. It is only potential power.

Knowledge in action is POWER… without action, it can even degrade you!

Allah describes those that were given the Torah, but didn’t act upon its teachings, as donkeys carrying a load.

They’re not donkeys because they were given knowledge or because they were Jewish  (many prophets were Jewish!)


The metaphor is of a donkey carrying a load. Meaning that the donkey can’t make use of the load.

And it also doesn’t have the sense to let go of the load.

People have misconceptions about self-purification and they run far and wide and deep! It’s a shame. Let me give you an example.

The hadith of The Prophet, peace be upon him, that states that if this life was worth more than the wing of a mosquito, Allah wouldn’t have given a disbeliever a sip of water.

Most people understand from this hadeeth that we are to hate dunya. They also understand that loving it is wrong – which is true.

Whilst assigning love to dunya is indeed wrong, so is assigning hate. Hate is a negative value, but still a value. If dunya was truly inconsequential, you would not love OR hate it.

And that’s the first step to finding tranquility in everyday life – by not assigning love or hate to dunya.

Unfortunately, many Muslims end up hating dunya and themselves, thinking that THIS is Tazkiyah – not realising that hating dunya is just the same as loving it… they’re assigning value to it.

Worse, some people end up hating themselves, whilst thinking that they are being humble or sincere in their wanting to change. Their misunderstandings are completely wrong and at odds with what we learn from The Prophet (peace be upon him).

If you hate yourself, why would you want what’s best for it?!

OK… that’s enough knowledge for now. It’s time to DO something.

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