The Solution Is Tazkiyah (purification)

“Strength, love and control are not acquired from the outside” – that’s where most people go horribly wrong.

Instead, control, self love, approval and security come from the inside, once the heart has reconnected with it’s Creator… and this process of reconnecting is called tazkiyah (purification).

But Tazkiyah Has To Be Practical

Tazkiyah is both subtractive and additive – in other words, you have to purify and enrich at the same time.

To become a better person, to overcome your nafs (self), you do tazkiyah. It is striving to better one’s self and if done for Allah, its reward is immense. From tazkiyah, excellence is sought. Patience, gratefulness and a humble self are all from its fruits.

iPersonalEnrichment Fixes Where People Go Wrong

Mistake #1:
People think that the superficial external world can fix the internal. But they soon learn that the ‘fix’ is just temporary.

Mistake #2:
People have misconceptions about their Creator, what He has asked of them and about what self purification really is. As an example, many people think that detachment from this life means not succeeding, not having. But that’s simply not true. It’s even contrary to Islamic tazkiyah – so it actually makes things worse !

And there are other misconceptions that need to be cleaned up also.

Mistake #3:
After realising that the fix has to come from the inside and after removing their misconceptions, people think that they’re done.

But in reality, now is the time to start DOING tazkiyah. The problem is that most people don’t know how.

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It fixes mistakes numbers 1 & 2, and explains where you can start doing tazkiyah. Here’s what Mishma had to say about it:

I am gonna be painfully honest here.

Last year, when I was directed here and I heard about tazkiyah and everything, I really didn’t get it. I didn’t get why I needed it or how much I needed it. I didn’t get how this thing was gonna help me get over the depression that I suffer from – on and off.

But I did enrol and I filled out the form. I got newsletters in my email, and because I didn’t check them (i don’t know why, I just didn’t), so I kinda stopped following them after a few weeks.

Now, 1 year later, I am kind of back to where I was, but at the same time, I have matured in that now I know what will not help me, and I have a fairly good feeling that I need this. I need tazkiyah, like real bad.

Cause this emptiness that I feel, this pain in my heart, it’s a disease that just comes back to me again and again, every time I fight it off.

It messes with my productivity, it messes with my emotional health. I want to get rid of this.

I want to love Allah through my actions again, cause I know that I love Him a lot, and this low is preventing me from feeling that love. I want to feel it. I want to get out of it. And I need help, I do.

I just don’t know how to reach out. I don’t confide my friends in about these problems anymore. Cause as much as they want to, they cant help. They just make it worse. And I cant go through that pain and disappointment and false dependencies again, I can’t.

So I prayed istikhara and I came back here.

Yeah, I still get your emails, and I’m really really grateful, cause they are what inspired me to start from scratch. So even though I started following them, I am starting over, this time hopefully, with a stronger and clearer intention.
Jazakumullahu khairan, really. May Allah protect you all, and increase you in khair. May Allah grant you the best in both lives. ameen.


How do I join the newsletter?

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How do I join the newsletter?

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Just one e-mail a day of your work helps put things into perspective and inspires me (and many others I am sure!!) to carry on. May Allah swt reward you immensely for your efforts. Tariq Hizra

Jazakallahu Khairan for your inspiring emails. I don’t know what I did to deserve them… thats what I think when they come! Fatima Khatibi

Awesome email Sh. The points you touched on where questions I was actually going to email you about sA!

Just letting you know as well that I passed my exams aH, so I’m a doc now (iA!)

Ja zaak Allaahu khayr for all your help and support over these past few years. The iPersonalenrichment program/your emails has definitely been one of the highlights of my years at med school alhamdulillah.

Abid Akhtar

Please note, that i am dyslexic. It takes me forever to write information and when i read , i don’t necessarily understand. Colours and simple examples that i can relate to help me to understand information.

9. Actually I understand your emails with ease. I value your emails , probably COs of the ease and you always use examples and humour.


Btw, I had to go through some of the the old newsletters in order to dig out contents for the images. I must say, yours are some of the most amazing newsletters in my inbox and I have subscribed to SO many newsletters. May Allah bless you even more. Ma shaa Allah. Sanjida Shaheed

I want to tell you brother that your emails are very beneficial. veryyyyyyy…… extremely. 🙂 Allah Barik Feek.

Whenever i am stuck in some kind of scenario Allah willing, I most of the time get the solution in your emails the very same day or the next day SubhanAllah. Don’t ever stop these beneficial emails. (Everrr!) I also recommend your newsletters to my friends. May Allah bless you with immense rewards and ease your matters in both the worlds. ameen. JazakAllahu Khairan Katheeeeeeera.

Islamic Nature channel/site

Salam, your emails are beautiful… subhanAllah… I am a business woman and stay at home mom of three. Bibi Baksh

Your emails are on another level- tabarakaAllah mashaAllah. They give people insight. This is rare. It is a beautiful gift. Susan Sherwali

How do I join the newsletter?

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