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Most likely you’ve come to this page either because you filled out the tazkiyah consultation or because you were sent here by email.

what’s the Whims-I-Kill program ?

Whims-I-Kill is the only program about practical tazkiyah (purification of the heart and soul) of it’s kind. The only one.
You’re not just taught that tazkiyah is important, that’s what the free newsletter is for… instead you are taken through a thorough process of detaching your heart from it’s attachments to this life, liberating it, increasing it’s capacity to submit to Allah (swt).

The result is less turbulence in this life, less emotional instabilities. A light, joyful sensation that comes with learning to truly trust in Allah (swt).

enhance and enrich your life, starting today

This is not a theoretical program and as such it requires commitment. To ensure that you’re committed there is a small recurring monthly fee. We have tried it with fees and without fees. The test group that got it for free didn’t benefit anywhere near as much. The fee also helps ensure that the program is of a high standard and supports the running costs.

Some feedback from participants:

Here’s a handful of feedback that we’ve received on the program:

“I just wanted to mention that the technique has helped me tremendously – not just when I’m bothered, but also stressed and anxious. It’s very liberating and calming, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this method.”

“After the divorce and my grandfather passing, I’m left feeling depressed, shameful and worthless… I went for only one semester and during that time my eman was at an all time low. I prayed just because I had to. I didn’t delve into major sins, but I didn’t better myself either…  Then one day my mom shows me I filled out the tazkiyah report. That night I read most of the articles and watched  a few of AbdelRahman’s videos. I was so surprised at the material and content he was offering to the Ummah… I’ve only been on the program 2 months, but I’ve had more personal progress in these 2 months than the 11 months with traditional therapy… This program unveils who you truly are. It rids you of the baggage you’ve carried for years. It’s not difficult per say, but you need to put a little bit of time and effort. Honestly, it’s not that hard lol It gives you the desire to want to please Allah, not because you feel obligated to.”

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12 month program. Stop and start as you wish. No minimum number of months !

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