How is The Whims-I-Kill Program Any Different ?

Lots of programs tell you why it’s important to change, but Whims-I-Kill is the only practical program for tazkiyah (purification of the heart and soul).

Untitled-3You are taken through a thorough process of detaching your heart from it’s attachments to this life, liberating it and increasing it’s capacity to submit to Allah (swt).

The result is less turbulence in this life, less emotional instabilities. A light, joyful sensation that comes with learning to truly trust in Allah (swt).

It Fights Un-Productivity

One of the biggest internal villains that destroys productivity is self doubt and un-necessary mental and emotional baggage. This baggage has been programmed and stored in our minds/hearts over time. Here we begin to release that. Once you stop all the extra and redundant internal work, you can get on with so much more external work and it won’t feel as burdensome.

It Enhances Relationships

Most people form their relationships on historical relationships in their past – their mother and father, or their interactions with their teachers, or an unpleasant past memory of someone being unsavoury towards them. Whatever it is, most people don’t live today in the here. They live today, but in the past.

And this truly disadvantages them. Take for example a 28 year old woman who is going to a job interview. Subconsciously, she hears her mother telling her that strangers are bad but she’s unaware of what’s going on consciously… and so she cowers and feels anxiety without knowing why. She looses yet another opportunity to get a good job. That’s just an example.

Relationships include how you relate to yourself, others and also Allah (swt). As you clear up anything within those three categories, everything else is cleared up too.

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