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Learn How To Practically Detach from Dunya
and Overcome your Nafs

7 day trial for just 30p, no long term contracts, pay-as-you-go.

Hundreds of people continue to benefit spiritually, mentally and physically with the Whims-I-Kill program.

What will your benefit be ?


Whims-I-Kill is the practical choice for Muslims who aim to make a difference in themselves and others

Hasan Khan

Medical student
FOSIS NEC member

Hude Shaka

Sustainability Consultant
Dawah activist

Jinan Bastaki

Law graduate
Dawah activist

About your instructor

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 20.52.02AbdelRahman Mussa is both a graduate of sharia and a therapist.

With more than 15 years of experience in therapy and his background in dawah, he noticed that though tazkiyah was talked about a lot, there was no real practical way for Muslims to overcome their internal and external shortcomings and so... with encouragement from fellow graduates of sharia, he established the site and Whims-I-Kill is the first of it's programs.

How does it works ?

It's a 12 month program consisting of self-contained modules with later months building on the learning of previous months.

The modules are drip fed and they're designed to be easy and simple to do, whilst being very effective.

A time committment of 1 hour a week is all you need.

Why Is This Not Free ?


If you don't invest, you don't value...

In 14 years, ustadh AbdelRahman has consistently found that the more someone invests financially (in proportion to what they can afford), the more they also invest in time and effort and thus, the more benefit they receive.

Support the cause...

This site and program take money to maintain, not to mention time. So chip in and share in the reward !

Feel good about yourself...

Have you noticed that when you buy yourself something you tend to feel good ?

Well, it's because you are valuing yourself in that very moment. But usually, you are buying worldly goods, stuff that won't last and only serves to plummet you further into dunya.

This program is meant to free you, which means that you get to feel good for investing in yourself and you get to feel good as you enrich yourself.

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7 day trial for just 30p, no long term contracts, pay-as-you-go.

Hundreds of people continue to benefit spiritually, mentally and physically with the Whims-I-Kill program.

What will your benefit be ?


a quick overview of what you'll learn

Make sure you listen to this: 

" I now feel more at peace "

though I now have more obligations, responsibilities and tasks than before... I feel more at peace, more in control and more optimistic than what I've EVER Felt before. Subhan Allah !

Tonje Hagen

What is Tazkiyah

Tazkiyah is both subtractive (purification) and additive (enrichment).

To become a better person, to overcome your nafs (self), you do tazkiyah, it is jihad of the nafs (striving to better one's self)... if done with the intention of pleasing Allah, it's reward is immense.

Out of tazkiyah, excellence is sought. The more tazkiyah you 'have', the more patient, grateful, God conscious, humble and at peace you become. Tazkiyah is also about overcoming your bad habits, sinful emotions and thoughts.

At it's core, tazkiyah is about mastering one's nafs. Whims-I-Kill is our flagship program and is focused on ridding oneself of whims and desires with the purpose of attaining strength and imperturbability (unshackle calm and serenity).

It is a practical course. It takes you on a journey of personal transformation and enrichment. It doesn't just consist of a series of talks and guilt trips.

If you want practical steps to take so that you can detach dunya from your heart, whilst mastering it... then the Whims-I-Kill program should be something that you seriously consider doing.

Try it out, you'll feel the difference.


Q: Am I bound for a minimum term ?

A: It's a monthly subscription. It rolls from month to month. So cancel whenever you want.

Q: How does it work ?

A: Content is drip fed to each subscriber relative to when they join up.

Q: How much of a time commitment does the program take ?

A: A minimum of about an hour a week. If you invest more time then you'll get more out of it.

Q: How soon before I start seeing benefits ?

A: You'll see the benefits immediately if you follow the instructions, insha Allah.

Q: What I need help ?

A: Just drop us an email, or reply to any of the emails that we send you.


Those before you

"I am very happy that I signed up as I'm greatly benefiting from it - the results have been ENORMOUS so far with me."

"When I first came across your packaged I initially wanted to try it only for a month. So, I purchased a gift package (platinum) for myself. However, I soon realised the topics to be covered were just what I needed so within a space of a couple of minutes I purchased the 12 month platinum package".

"I have just started the program and have already benefited, alhamdulillah."

"I've been involved with dawa for years, have a family and am considered a leader in the community; however, I've been struggling with these internal issues for a long time now."

"SubhanAllah, for the 1st time in what seems like 2 years I feel so happy and light ! SubjanAllah, Alhamdulilah".

"I finally feel like I have control over myself, without having to control others. And I don't want or need other peoples' approval, and I don't want or need to approve of other people. It's so awesome !"

"I actually talked to my mother today about everything without feeling out of control, without feeling angry, without feeling like crying. Alhamdulilah"

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I only listened to one audio (and watched the free videos) and I feel the change. Everything you said is what I needed."

"More progress in 2 months than 11 months of therapy"

The program has helped me tremendously and I can't thank you enough for sharing this method.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.40.28After my divorce and my grandfather passing, I'm left feeling depressed, shameful and worthless... I went for only $.01 and during that time my Faith was at an all-time low. I prayed just because I had to. I didn't delve into major sins, but I didn't bother myself either...

Then one day my mum showed me I filled out the tazkiyah report and that night I read most of the articles and watched a few of AbdelRahman's videos.

I was so surprised at the material and content he was offering to the Ummah...

I've only been on the program for two months, but I have had more personal progress in these two months then the 11 months with traditional therapy...

This program unveils YouTube ER. Individual the baggage you've carried for years. It gives you the desire to want to please a lot, not because you feel obligated to."

name: sister asked to remain anonymous

Triple Guarantee

1. Lifetime access (insha Allah)
2. Pause and resume at anytime
3. Cancel at anytime, no questions asked

Program Investment Options

This is not a theoretical program and as such it requires commitment. To ensure that you’re committed there is a reasonable fee. We have tried it with fees and without fees.

The test group that got it for free didn’t benefit anywhere near as much. The fee also helps ensure that the program is of a high standard and supports the running costs.

Please select the most appropriate option for you:

Whims-I-Kill Modules
  • Releasing whims (mp3)
  • Detach from money (video)
  • Stop un-productivety (mp3)
  • Stop procrastination (mp3)
  • Trust and safety (mp3)
  • Eliminating addictions (mp3)
  • Relationships (mp3)
  • Adv time management (video)
  • Easier slimming (mp3)
  • Conquer apathy (mp3)
  • Conquer grief (mp3)
  • Conquer fear (mp3)
  • Purge away lust (mp3)
  • Absolve anger (mp3)
  • Expel pride (mp3)
  • Harmony and respect (mp3)
  • Negotiation (mp3)
  • Daily freedom routine (mp3)
  • Adv team work (worth £57)
  • Sleight of belief (worth £97)
  • Mind formats (worth £97)
  • Goals & achievement (worth £57)
  • IQ increasing exercises (worth £97)
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30p for the first 7 days...

then if you choose not to cancel, you'll be billed according to the package you choose:
Investment Option 1
  • Price
  • 12 Month Payment Plan

a module by module breakdown

of what you'll learn

How To Release Whims

This is the corner stone of the program. Almost everything else is built upon it. Our whims create our desires and emotions, which then create our thoughts. All of our whims come from a scarcity mindset. They come from fear. Not rational fear, but irrational fear. A desire may not feel like it comes from fear, but if you think about not having that desire, you may very well find yourself overwhelmed with fear !

… which suggests that the desire is there to cover up the fear. There are four whims, three of them are covered in depth in the Whims-I-Kill program.

Freedom From Food

This module was designed for Ramadan but it’s useful all year round. Eating is more enjoyable when you’re concentrating on your food, ironically.

But most of us are caught eating memories of how what’s in front of us now tasted back then. This diminishes the pleasure of food and causes us to over eat because we’re not sensing what is in front of us.

In this module, you’ll learn to release your whims as you eat. It’s super cool, empowering and freeing.

Advanced Time Management - 2 modules

Principles of time management are discussed within this part of the program.

Prayer Focus

Life is full of interruptions and our brains are constantly regurgitating thoughts and desires. This gets in the way when it comes to praying. This module teaches you how to clear your mind and press pause so that you can pray with more focus and khushu3.

Freedom from money - 2 modules

Learn to detach your heart from the overwhelming desire to have money. As you let go of wanting wealth, you’ll also free yourself of the fear of poverty. The desire for money keeps people enslaved today, working as free slaves. As you detach from wanting money, you’ll ironically free yourself up to earn more and to enjoy what you’ve earnt more than before.

Procrastination and Tiredness

Did you know that much of what we call tiredness is the result of internal self inflicted processes. That’s right, much of tiredness is a process and not a result. Much of tiredness comes from spending so much emotional energy running after whims. Ironically, chasing after whims also causes procrastination. As our whims magnify the perceived pleasure or perceived pain in a thing we instinctively shy away. As you release your whims, things become easier, more real, more attainable, less scary. Life stops control you.

Thinking & Worrying - 2 modules

Many people think that they’re thinking. They’re not. They’re just regurgitating. Thinking is a purposive action. It results in a difference. And sometimes that difference is produced by you and sometimes it can NOT be produced by you. In the instances where you’ve tried your hardest and not gotten any results, you need to create the space in your mind and heart… as you do so, the answer becomes apparent.

Heart Fast

Most people think that fasting is just abstinence from food and drink. Some know it to be abstinence from anything that displeases Allah (swt). Very few people know that there is a 3rd type of fasting: the fasting of the heart. In this fast, one abstains from thinking about anything but Allah (swt). If during the fast their heart deviates from thinking or pondering about Allah and His Proofs or remembering Him, the 3rd type of faster gently brings his heart back on track. This results in supreme serenity and absolute bliss.

Effective Action - 2 modules

Most people take action, but not for the sake of a particular purpose… except if we count “not feeling guilty for doing nothing” as a purpose ! As you allow yourself to do nothing, you free yourself up to be able to see what needs to be done. Sometimes there is nothing to do and in that instance, you need the inner openness to explore new things without the burden of guilt.

Trust and Safety - 2 modules

So many people lack trust in themselves first and foremost, resulting in them trying to trust others who shouldn’t be trusted, or mistrusting those who should be trusted. You’ll also learn an extremely important distinction about trust that enables you to be far more nuanced in your approach to things. Far more emotional mature and intelligent. Very few people are aware of this distinction, yet it is so critical in so many ways.

Eliminating Addictions & Cravings

Addictions are primarily escape routines. They are ways to entertain ourselves with a non-religious routine or ritual that allows us to escape a fear or responsibility. But the fear doesn’t go away and the responsibilities add up. So this strategy doesn’t work. Added to that the fact that many people are addicted to things that are forbidden by Allah (swt) and things become quite costly.

These modules are designed to remove all of that… and take you into freedom.

To Own or Not to Own

Most of the time, ownership results in being owned. It’s a very interesting dichotomy, but it’s quite easy to solve if you release your whims. In this way, what you own need not own you. Instead, as you acquire more, you are just as free.


More, more, more. That’s what people want. And the reason why they want more is because they’re not satisfied with what they have. But ironically, the reason why many people stop themselves from achieving more is because subconsciously they know that it won’t make them any more satisfied.

So they get stuck in a loop of wanting more but stopping themselves from having more.

As you learn to be more satisfied, you’ll be happy with what you have and when you choose to acquire something new, it won’t come with the burden of dis-satisfaction, so it’ll be easier to acquire.

Overcoming Self Loathing - 2 modules

You’ve made mistakes. You’ve been blamed, maybe even chastised. You’ve failed. Others failed you. All of these can be used as reasons to hate and loath yourself, but they’re all bad reasons.

As you release self loathing, lessons are learnt from the past. Making the past more worthwhile.

Also, this allows you to be at peace, more centred, less of an attention seeker, no longer subject to people’s perceptions of you because you will have learnt to love yourself.

Anonymous Feedback

A very interesting exercise. This allows you to get feedback from others, to see your blind spots, to know your strengths. As you then release wanting their approval, you can sift the real from the false (jealousy or misperceptions).

You will be pleasantly surprised by how calmly you react.

The "Figuring Things Out” Program

You just have to experience this and understand for yourself.


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Apathy Elimination

Apathy is worse even than severe grief. It’s extremely draining and takes up a lot of internal processing and work. Symptoms of apathy include: boredom and feeling dead inside.

Getting out of this state adds more vibrancy and action to your life.

Conquer Grief

Grief is a natural response to loss. But all too often people grieve, not about actual loss, but perceived loss. Some people even grieve things that they haven’t lost yet. This is such a negative state and it limits intelligent thought and action.

Conquer Fear

Fear stops people. Simple. As you learn simple tools to overcome fear, you no longer become bound. And as you truly let go of fear, you also let go of thoughtless danger seeking. Those that seek danger mindlessly are deep down afraid of their fear and so they have to prove to themselves and others that they’re not. But that’s just too much effort.

Why not just let go of the fear without having to do silly and dangerous acts.

Purge Away Lust

Lust isn’t just for the opposite gender or sex. Lust is for any object. And in order to lust something, you must not have it… or you must perceive that you don’t have it, even if you do. When people get stuck in lust, they get stuck in not having.

As you release this state of lust, you will unstick and move into acquiring and having.

Absolve Anger

Anger burns on the inside. It’s heavy and it blinds. Many people are unaware of how to control themselves when they’re angry and this results in horrific actions and decisions.

For most people, they carry a lot of anger because they failed themselves, or because someone failed them. Some people are angry towards Allah (swt) due to something that was written and happened to them.

This type of anger is very debilitating and physically unhealthy over prolonged periods.

Expel Pride

Pride is what destroyed Satan and got him outcasted and cursed by Allah for eternity. There are different levels of pride, but ultimately, pride results in stagnation. A proud person is one that misjudges himself or family or tribe or cast to be better than others illegitimately.

Pride is not to be confused with dignity. Indeed, as you release your pride, you become far more dignified, far more liked and far more competent.

Being Worth It

Popular culture has taught us to hate and belittle ourselves. Insidiously, they have associated this to humbleness and goodness. But this just isn’t the case. Islam has come with the opposite. It has come to teach you to love yourself, to show it mercy by firstly, striving to save it from the punishment of hell and secondly, striving to give it the best of this life and the next.

If you don’t think that you’re worth it, then subconsciously you’ll sabotage yourself, affecting both this life and the next.

This module chips away at all of that subconscious programming.


When you assume responsibility for everything in your life, when you ACT as if everything that is happening to you was caused by you, either in the near past or as a consequence of the distant past… but without blame, guilt or self hate… then a magnificent thing happens. You feel empowered. You begin to see patterns and you take control.

Ironically and counter intuitively, by so doing, you also learn to perceive what you can not control… thereby relaxing and just letting things be, knowing that they are beyond your influence.

Easier slimming

You can eat what you want, when you want it… so long as you also adhere to the other two rules. This module is truly fascinating.


There are many techniques and strategies that work within negotiation, but they all pivot around one important fact. The one that wants something the most is most likely to lose the negotiation. And so we focus on that, along with the inclusion of techniques.

Confusion to Understanding

Most people are averse to confusion, but confusion is the gateway to understanding. As you learn to welcome confusion, you will automatically find it easier to learn new things.


Thinking is with the mind. As you introduce your heart into the process… wisdom is born.

Mind Fallacy

Due to Greek, and other, philosophies the mind has been placed almost as a God. It is not. In fact, it’s very limited. By now, you’ll have learnt what it’s limits are. And in this module we explore that further.

In so doing, you begin to use your mind more effectively because you know what it’s good for and what it isn’t so good for.

Harmony and Respect

Once an individual has learnt this with themselves, they begin to apply it with others. These two things need to come together for harmony without respect results in one being/feeling-like a "push-over”. When there is harmony and respect, the harmony is there not due to a fear of rocking the boat, but because the boat does not need to be rocked.

This forms the basis for relationships in Islam, especially between husband and wife. But how can you have harmony and respect with others, if you can’t have it with yourself ?

So these modules work towards that.

Systemic Thinking

Life isn’t linear. Many a time when you push a button, you don’t get the result that you anticipated. Many times you get a different result and many times the result is where you didn’t expect it.

Systemic thinking teaches you how to remain aware and to be curious and acute enough to notice what happens and where. It also primes your mind to think more holistically and with wisdom.

Try 7 days for just 30 pence

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7 day trial for just 30p, no long term contracts, pay-as-you-go.

Hundreds of people continue to benefit spiritually, mentally and physically with the Whims-I-Kill program.

What will your benefit be ?


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