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Low energy, tired and worn out.

** Warning **

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Our whims generate our feelings which generate our thoughts. That’s the order in how it happens. Probably, you have read/heard that our thoughts create our feelings. This happens rarely. It’s the other way round usually.

The more whim-ful we are, the more energy we expend. Hence the less energy we have remaining.

Lazy people have low energy. That might not make sense because they look to be not doing anything. But. The truth is that they are doing a lot of nothing. Refer to the laziness and procrastination article.

The constant generation of that can’t-be-bothered feeling/state. Plus constantly fighting the urge to just get up and do what needs to be done. All of that adds up to a heck of a lot of energy. So, even though they’re not moving. They are expending a lot of energy.

All the negative feelings expend energy. And many of the positive feelings too. In fact, positive feelings can be quite as limiting if not more limiting that positive feelings (like addictions, crushes etc)

So if you want to feel more alive. If you want to be more energetic. Then stop wasting your energy on your whims. As they come up, just release them.

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