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CL – Benefit From Helping Us Promote


Refer your friends and benefit in the reward from Allah (swt) as well as financially !

Sign up below to join our affiliate program.

… and when someone clicks on through your affiliate link (which you’ll get on signing up) and benefits, then you are rewarded by Allah (swt) for their benefit and if they purchase one of our programs, you can earn a nice commission too!

As a way to further say thank you, you get credit for every single subscription that a person who was initially referred to us by you makes. So for example, if they subscribe to the whimsikill program, then you get credited each month for every subscription… but it doesn’t stop there !

If that person then takes the unshackle training a few months later (cost £1,995) then you will be credited for that also !

The financial credit given by us is 20% of the sale… the reward given to you by Allah (swt) depends on your intention.

So make your first intention for Allah (swt) and make that your bigger intention and insha Allah there is no problem with you then having as a secondary intention that you want to aid yourself financially. You may be a student, a single mother or father or someone trying to get out of the ‘rat race’ – and we will be honoured to help you in any way that we can !

There’s another HUGE benefit to joining our affiliate program, but you’ll have to join to know what that is !